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Our Terms and Conditions

Hereafter 2XL Limo's - Pink Cadillac Hire UK, shall be known as "The Company" and the person named on the booking form overleaf and/or the person signing the confirmation shall be known as the "The Hirer".


The Hirer accepts full responsibility for every person in his/her party including himself/herself and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows:-

  1. All bookings are by pro-booking only and must be confirmed immediately with a deposit as agreed by The Company. All deposits are non refundable, and balances must be paid prior to the event (48 hours for cash payments, 14 days for cheque/card payments). Only The Company reserves the right to accept a booking without a deposit, and to cancel a booking at their discretion.

  2. If any booking is cancelled with less than 6 months notice to The Company, The Hirer will liable will be responsible for 80% of the total booking. (Or £50.00, whichever is the greater figure). In the event of The Hirer cancelling within 14 days of the booking, the full amount is then payable, to reach The Company within 14 days.

  3. No responsibility can be accepted for adverse weather conditions (snow, flooding etc) which may cause delay or cancellation of a booking by The Company.

  4. Whilst every effort is afforded to the serviceability of the vehicles, no responsibility can be accepted for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown however caused. In this unlikely event every effort will be made for the immediate repair to the vehicle so that the journey can continue, or The Hirer will be transferred to another vehicle/s and any reasonable extra costs incurred will be borne by The Company or a refund will be given. (Please note that any instance
    of the term 3 and 4 or any other breakdown and/or accident no responsibility will be accepted for missed connections and/or functions howsoever caused.)


  5. In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle booked prior to the date of the booking, every effort will be made to supply a similar or alternative vehicle/s at The Company's discretion. If this is not acceptable to The Hirer a refund will be given.

  6. The consumption of food and food products and such like is NOT permitted in the vehicle unless by pre-arrangement at the time of booking and with express permission of The Company.

  7. The Hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused both inside or outside the vehicle/s by The Hirer or any members of his/her party, howsoever caused. This includes incitement to ANY Third Party, which results in damage to the Vehicle or its contents. The Hirer will agree to be liable for the total retail cost of the repair, and the location of the repairer will be determined by The Company. A fixed daily rate (determined by The Company) while the vehicle is out of commission for such repair, plus any further incurred losses, i.e. by lost bookings.

  8. The Company or its representatives (e.g. chauffeur) reserve the right to refuse entry to the vehicle to any person/persons they deem unfit for whatsoever reason
    and can refuse to continue the journey if any person/persons behave in a manner which may be detrimental to other persons or to the vehicle and its contents. In this event no refund will be given.


  9. A £100.00 valeting charge will be levied through misuse by The Hirer from any food, drink or illness, in the event of the repair costing more, whatever the retail cost may be if in excess of this amount to rectify the said damage will be payable by The Hirer.

  10. Any requests or alternations to the booking, (i.e. additional pick up points, change of venue causing extra mileage and time) cannot necessarily be entertained, although every effort will be made to meet these requirements. Any such alterations WILL involve extra charges being levied on the original cost. Any charges MUST be paid in cash to the chauffeur at the time for the alteration.

  11. The "Company's Discretion" shall be decided by the Owners of the Company at all times, and their decisions will be fully binding in all matters.

  12. The Hirer is liable for all glassware breakage at a cost of £10.00 per glass.

  13. Any overrun of time must be paid for at the time of rental in cash, at a rate of £50.00 per hour/part hour. Due to busy schedules, and our policy to arrive promptly to our clients, all return times must be strictly adhered to. The driver will have to depart for his next trip after a short "courtesy" wait for you. (Not exceeding 15 minutes).

  14. Due to insurance restrictions The Company's vehicle/s has been designed strictly NO SMOKING, any infringement of this policy will deem the rental invalid, all monies paid will be forfeited and the rental terminated immediately.

  15. It is a legal requirement that all passengers in forward facing seats wear a seat belt.

  16. Personal possessions are left in the vehicles at the Hirer's own risk. No responsibility will be taken by The Company for items left in the vehicles.

  17. All passengers are to take extreme notice of the transmission hump in the centre of the vehicle. The Company cannot be held responsible for any incidents which may occur from persons entering or leaving the vehicle.

  18. We will endeavor to collect and deliver to the exact destination, unless however, this should prove physically impossible with the vehicle possibly being very long and wider than normal. In this case the car will be as close as possible.

  19. Where complimentary entrance has been granted to "The Company" on behalf of "The Hirer", The Company cannot be held responsible for any changes in policy i.e. cancellation of tickets, by the club, society, store etc. Entrance is down to the discretion of the venue.

  20. The Hirer agrees that any additional charges that they incur and don't pay for in cash, will be deducted from the original credit card, and written notice will be provided to them within 48 hours. Where no credit card details are supplied, payment of any outstanding amounts are to be settled within 7 days.

  21. By making the original telephone booking, The Hirer entered an obligatory arrangement, agreeing to our terms.




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