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Our Work With Sprinkles...

Here at pink Cadillac Hire UK sure have some sweet media work, and for sure this is one. Sprinkles is a new sweet shop opened  at the end of 2022 in Stoke On Trent. The spectacle sweet store asked if we would help in some pre media work, and there very own big grand opening. Here we enjoyed photo shooting our pink Cadillac with there videographers. Our Cadillac and there shop made there marketing campaigns so much better. Using our vehicles to show case any new or existing store is a great idea, contact us to find out some more information on potential media work with your firm. As you can see it went down a treat. See the video and photos below... 

Pink Cadillac Hire In The UK
Sprinkles Sweet Shop
Stoke On Trent sweet shop with cadillac
Pink Cadillac Hire UK
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